College Connections Pack A Box

We invite your family to join us in caring for Mountain Park’s college students this semester through our new College Connections ministry..

According to a 2017 study, 66% of students who have grown up in church stop attending church while in college. We want to remind our students how much their church family cares about them, and more importantly, how much Jesus cares about them.

MPC’s College Connections gives students the opportunity to be chosen by a Mountain Park family who will create a care package for them and pray for them throughout the semester.

As a sponsor, you will choose a student to sponsor and we will provide you with:

  • A tag with information about your chosen student, a box
  • A list of suggested items and ways to pray for your student
  • A notecard to write a note to your student

You will then fill your box with items (please try not to exceed $40) and return it, unsealed, to the church by October 2nd, 2022.

We will then add a few extra items such as a Mountain Park t-shirt, journal, or mug, and ship them out. We expect students to receive their boxes by mid-October.

We also ask that you donate $15 to help cover the cost of shipping.

For a packing list and prayer guide, click here.

Questions or need additional information please email our Adult Ministries Associate, Ally Richmond at

Date & time

Sunday, October 2


16461 S. 48th Street.
Phoenix AZ 85048