At Mountain Park, we are passionate about healthy, God-centered marriages. Marriage Mondays provides a safe place for you to grow in Christ and thrive in your marriage. Marriage Mondays consists of two classes: re|engage and ReInforce, open group: a place for couples in need of immediate support as they wait for the next session of re|engage, and Premarital Class: for couples who are engaged and want to strengthen their marriage before it starts. God can make a difference in your marriage, and we’re excited to walk alongside you in that journey!


Are you sitting at home with your spouse thinking, “I’m not sure how much longer I can do this” or “We really need support…like, NOW!”? We’re here to help! Any Monday night that re|engage & ReInforce are meeting, Open Group is available for anyone in need of immediate support, encouragement, and resources. This is also a great place to be in community as you wait for the next session of re|engage to begin.


Looking to reconnect, reignite, or resurrect your marriage? re|engage is 16 weeks of dedicated time to work on your relationship and grow in your faith. re|engage is beneficial for any marriage - whether you feel totally broken, you’re struggling to get along, or you’re doing great and want to keep growing with your spouse. This is a place of hope, no matter where you’re at!
Each Monday will consist of a large group, where you will hear testimonies and stories of encouragement, and small groups, where you will build relationships and share about your weekly homework. You will discuss topics like grace, forgiveness, communication, intimacy, and more.


Reinforce is a 12-week marriage enrichment program, designed to build upon key principles learned in re|engage. Reinforce will introduce new marriage resources and commission couples with weekly action steps to create new habits in pursuit of a Christ-centered marriage. Classes will include large group teaching as well as couple and small group activities that will spark biblically-centered discussions and encourage couples toward a grace-filled, Christ-centered marriage.
*Reinforce is only open to couples who have successfully completed the 16-week re|engage class.


The decision to marry is one of the most important choices we make in life. Preparation for marriage involves much more than detailing a beautiful wedding. Our desire is to help you establish a marriage that will glorify God and that you will enjoy for a lifetime.
Whether you’re simply dating, considering marriage, or already engaged, this class is designed to help you grow together as you figure out next steps in your relationship. Through group conversations, the Prepare and Enrich assessment, weekly date nights, and exercises from Preparing for Marriage, you will leave with new communication tools and a better understanding of yourself and one another.


The secret to a great marriage is to go vertical, inviting God into your worst conflicts and unsolvable dilemmas.” This group will read the book, ‘Vertical Marriage’ by Dave & Ann Wilson and together, watch a 30 minute marriage video followed by an hour of small group discussion time.The videos are funny and relatable – the topics include communication, conflict, romance and living and loving vertically. No prerequisite required. This group is open to all married, remarried, or seriously dating couples.


Greg & Peggi LaMonica

August 17 - September 28

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