One of the Twelve is an 18-week experience that is a deeper dive based on the content in the “Realize Your Role in God’s Story” journal. It will run Sunday nights from 6:30 - 8:00 PM and will include reading, writing, practicing of disciplines and habits, as well as outreach opportunities.

One of the Twelve

One of the Twelve is focused on connecting more deeply with Jesus. Imagine you are not one of the 1000s gathered on the hillside to hear Jesus teach. You’re not even one of the 72 who were sent out on mission. Imagine you are One of the Twelve who connected intimately with him over a three-year period after the radical invitation to “Come, follow me.”

One of the Twelve is not intended for people who are currently thriving in their role in the Kingdom. It is not for people who are regularly practicing spiritual disciplines, engaged in community, and serving/leading in other ministry areas. Rather, it is intended for those who want to better understand God’s story and discover their role in it. It’s for people who believe there is SO MUCH MORE to following Jesus, but have struggled to make him a priority in their lives.

One of the Twelve is a three-year journey, broken into six sessions that are each 18 weeks long. A new session will open and start in January and August of each year. Participants can attend one session, all six, or any other combination. In order to maximize the experience, One of the Twelve will be capped at 40 new people per session. These spots will fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you apply and there are no spots available, you will have first priority for the next available session. If you have more questions before applying, please email us at